Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Cement Shoes and Colombian Neckties 2 by Slik Jack x Sqreeb


Slik Jack and Producer Sqreeb are back ! If you were thirsting or feinding for More ‘Cement Shoes and Colombian Neckties ‘ well they just cooked up one of the dopest sequels you must hear immidiatly !
Sqreeb once again levels up with incredible production and sample digging slash sample flipping and just when you thought Cement shoes 1 was a vibe intrumentaly , he conjures a way to up his game and make it even darker and grimier the second time around .
Slik is a Beast ! what else can i say …. The guy has no chill . Bar Schemes , Punchlines , Flow and Authentic Grimminess only this man can deliver and keep delivering .
Slik & Sqreeb invited Snotty for the sequel wich makes complete sense but this time around they also brought more of theyre assassins too the slaughter party , Like Bloo Azul , Asun Eastwood , Ayoo Bigz , Reek Osama ,New Villain And lets not forget Dj Kutkaper who slit a couple throats with his vicious cuts
Theres No telling if part one or two is the best , but Cement Shoes and Colombian Neckties 2 is deffinitly one of the hardest projects to drop in a while ! 

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