Friday, May 17, 2024

Da Monster Mob Presents: The Renaissance by Parallax [Leviathan & Mantra]


Parallax is a subgroup from Da Monster Mob, originally consisting of Leviathan and Mantra. They were the initial formation of the group before evolving into Da Monster Mob with the addition of Skarekrow and later Warcloud.
Mantra stopped rapping early leaving just Warcloud, Leviathan and Krow as the Mob. However, due to Holocaust's busy schedule with various solo projects, Wu-Tang features, and collaborations, Da Monster Mob added on more members.
Black Sun, also known as Onslawt and a cousin of Leviathan and Warcloud, joined Da Monster Mob later on, followed by the inclusion of JulesUnique after Mantra stopped rapping.
What sets this album apart is its rarity; Mantra and Leviathan have also ceased making music since 2005.

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