Wednesday, May 15, 2024

El Covito - Archives Dos by Fly Cuisine Ish Products


"archives dos" by Covito delves into the depths of Buffalo's Hip Hop scene, blending eerie keys with unconventional rhythms, and infusing tracks with Latin funk elements that add a vibrant, rhythmic flair. Each track, from the haunting "Atherosclerosis" to the Latin-funk-infused "Upstate Fruit Punch," showcases Covito's prowess in merging traditional Hip Hop with eclectic sounds, creating a soundscape that is both avant-garde and deeply rooted in urban culture.
Covito's eclectic production style narrates Buffalo's evolving soundscape, blending classic boom bap with Latin rhythms and experimental sounds, capturing the city's gritty vibrancy. This fusion places Covito in a unique position within the musical landscape, continually pushing the boundaries of urban music production.
"Archives dos" is an auditory chronicle that encapsulates the pulsating heart of Buffalo through Covito's visionary lens. Each track is a chapter in the broader narrative of the city’s Hip Hop legacy, offering listeners a dynamic range of moods and stories, woven together by Covito’s innovative fusion of styles, defining the contours of Hip Hop with each beat.

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