Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Fortunato x The Dirty Sample want you to "Get It"


“Get It”, the third single from Fortunato x The Dirty Sample’s The Coalition, is a hustler’s anthem that preaches the tenets of devotion and perseverance. Fortunato expresses that time is finite and we all have one life to live so get it before it’s over. “I’ve always felt like I had a short window to make it, the clock is ticking so get yours” says Fortunato. While The Dirty Sample’s original beat is a gritty, soulful production that complements Fortunato’s positive message, Rove provides a heavy-hitting break beat-inspired remix that changes the complexion of the song entirely. But the message remains the same: “I’m getting mine, get yours, we all can get it.”

Written and performed by Fortunato

Produced by The Dirty Sample

Remixed by Rove

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