Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Life's Strange by Drew Prince


Following up from his 1st full raps album, Suburban City Kids, Drew Prince takes a very direct and personal approach with creating this new batch of work that makes up as his sophomore raps album, Life's Strange. Being heavily influenced from Season 4 of the Wire, where the character known as "Slim Charles" makes a statement saying "yeah well, life's strange".Drew directly applies that to the way things have shifted in his life in both good and challenging ways, but overall gave much needed lessons learned in order to navigate through the 30s. Suburban City kids focused heavily on the misconceptions and stereotypes that are given from being black growing up in the suburbs in a stable household. Life's Strange takes a more direct approach by attacking specific things that society seems to expect black men to just know and deal with regardless of whatever he may feel or be going through. Drew takes the initiative to record each of these records in his apartment with the engineer mastermind of Timepiece tracks. The timeline of this album is from roughly January 2022 to present day.

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