Saturday, May 4, 2024

NO MORE DRAMA by Stoma Emsi


Stoma Emsi's new work out now. Stoma Emsi has gone through a complex period in the last seven years, marked by the loss of her father and her dog. Music has been her lifeline, a refuge where she can process emotions and find comfort. The album, made up of 8 tracks, is not a succession of catchy hits, but an intimate and sincere story. The words are simple and direct, without frills, to describe the experiences experienced with realism and harmony. Despite the lack of expectations, the artist is proud of the result obtained and hopes that someone can find themselves in his words and experience the same emotions. The album is dedicated to those who are no longer here, to all the loved ones who have left us, but also to those who are still at her side: family, friends and the musical community. Stoma Emsi is convinced that this album can make a positive contribution to Italian rap, spreading music and culture with an optimistic look to the future.

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