Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pharaobi Ghouzi : RopeBridge by MENES the Pharaoh & Kabuki Blind Ninja/542


They Return. The Son of Heaven's footpad delivered the message and was quietly executed. Within an hour a member of the Black Tong was inside the walls of a room very few would ever enter.
"Your will Imperial Majesty?"
"Pharaobi and Kabuki must not leave this land, will the Black Tong intervene on my behalf?"
And with that, the moment the assassin had lived, trained and died for had come. No member of the Guild survived any of their missions, and this was the ultimate honour. The Purpose. He set out to never be seen or heard from again, and the outcome would not be known for weeks.
Pharaobi Ghouzi & Kabuki Ninja (542) return for a follow up sophomore project to [ Keepers of the LoFi Dojo ], an ode to the time of olde. The middle project in a body of 3, this provides the timeline between and right before the assassination attempt, and will entice any who enjoy golden era hip-hop.
We give our thanks to Tree Demon Tapes, Stavros, 542, VersaTilla, Clymax, Basement Dwellaz and Ice Cream Koan.
Until the Journey Ends.

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