Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Post Game by Knowledge Born ft. VersaTilla


Chicago's LEGENDARY Knowledge Born teamed up with New York's one and ONLY VersaTIlla to create a Dynamic DUO similar to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen that went on to help the Chicago Bulls WIN multiple BACK to BACK to BACK titles with the Chicago Bulls during their 90's NBA Dynasty RUN!!!
This UNSTOPPABLE Force created a track called "Post Game" which symbolizes the CLASSIC playoff POSTGAME interviews AFTER the two were responsible for DEMOLISHING the competition in winning FASHION as they EFFORTLESSLY did throughout their many CHAMPIONSHIPS together!!! The track speaks VOLUMES to compliment Knowledge Born AND VersaTilla's unique and distinguishable STYLES over an already DOPE Hip Hop beat that has been RELEASED!!!
Be on the LOOKOUT for more music from this ILL team of EMCEES!!! "Post Game" is a song to be REMEMBERED as Hip Hop GREATNESS!!!
Just press PLAY and ENJOY a JOURNEY like NO other....SALUTE!!!
Mixed by VersaTilla of Divine Rule RECORDS!!! Mastered by VersaTilla of Divine Rule RECORDS!!! Artwork by the LEGENDARY Knowledge BORN!!!

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  1. This is much appreciated, Thank you for the write up and Sharing our song🫡💯💯