Friday, May 31, 2024

Remedy's - "Ben"

Remedy's new song and video "Ben" is a direct response to Macklemore's recent song "Hinds Hall". Remedy reminds Macklemore of when he dressed up in anti-Semitic stereotypical Jewish garb, put on "Jew face" and "stole the Grammy from Kendrick Lamar".  Remedy also debunks many of Macklemore's outrageous claims about Israel and apartheid, colonialism, and genocide. He also calls him out for the slew of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories Macklemore espouses about Jews controlling the U.S. government, media, and social media sites like Meta & TikTok, while also touching on AIPAC and our college campuses. Remedy is an artist who strives to improve humanity and promote greater tolerance and peace in the world. It all starts with spreading the truth and helping to educate people. Remedy will be donating profits to Polyphony, an organization that bridges the gap between the Palestinian and Israeli communities by using music as a common ground.  
The opinions and views of Remedy are not affiliated with any of the artists.

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