Wednesday, May 1, 2024

RENO RX - Colden Street


New  Crack Era’s own Reno RX releases his highly anticipated project Colden Street an ode to his hometown Flushing Queens NY. The project features powerhouse production from Reno  RX and also two joints produced by Seth Silensir. Reno  rocks alongside elite spitters like hip hop icons Royal Flush, Eto , UFO Fev and Beyah . The kings give regal rhymescape over rugged tracks. This project is sonically the embodiment of boom bap. Reno RX delivers on every track  from hardcore to soulful joints alike . Colden Street is a masterfully crafted body of work that showcases Reno RX ability to translate his thoughts effortlessly through his music  . This is a listening experience one will thoroughly enjoy.  Colden Street is out now on all DSPs! 

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