Friday, May 24, 2024

The Walking Breast by Harry Breast


With his new album "The Walking Breast", Harry Breast opens the doors to his dystopian world of thoughts.
The relentlessly bearded independent artist from Leipzig, Germany, presents his artistic oeuvre with proud devotion, which is imbued with stories about doomsday scenarios, all-night sessions in the beat lab, life as a 30-something, right-wing populism, climate denial and modular proton blasters, and takes you on a detailed sonic expedition.
Harry Breast is not only an energetic rapper, but also the creative architect behind the entire production of "The Walking Breast". With a mixture of heart and precision, he creates a sound that is inspired by the golden days of US East Coast rap in the 90's and moves effortlessly into the modern age. The album, a fusion of dark atmosphere and pulsating boom bap, takes you on an epic journey through dead landscapes to the infinite vastness of the universe, without getting lost in pessimism - on the contrary!
The sonic aesthetics of the album reflect Harry Breast's devotion to a meticulously produced sound. Each song is an intricately woven web of crackling vinyl samples, analog synths, electric guitars, and acoustic drums that create a hypnotic atmosphere.
The influences from science fiction and horror movies give the album a cinematic dimension. The raw beats and authentic lyrics create a world that hovers between reality and fiction. "The Walking Breast" rises as a powerful statement of artistic aspiration from the self-proclaimed "Boom Bap Defender" who fought the zombies while the others whined. 

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