Saturday, May 4, 2024

TRUMPETS OF TERROR - Oldboy Green feat. One Oz & Micall Parknsun

Trumpets of Terror feat. One Oz and Micall Parknsun is the single release from the album Thesaurus Rex by Oldboy Green.
The latest release from UK hip hop imprint Weaponize Records, Thesaurus Rex is Oldboy Green's first physical release and will be available on May 10, 2024 as a limited edition Digipak CD as well as a digital download from WR's Bandcamp page:
Produced entirely by legendary UK rapper and beatsmith Micall Parknsun, Thesaurus Rex features Parknsun along with other UKHH stalwarts Ken Masters, Joker Starr, Junior Disprol, Charles Edison, Komposure, One Oz and Mr. CRF. All turntable duties are handled by Jabba The Kut, who serves up his signature hard-hitting cuts throughout the project.
The LP delivers 10 tracks of perfectly balanced hip-hop for both young and old heads locked into the UK Boombap sound. Cinematic samples give way to intricate rhyme schemes laid over Parky's heavy beat production, showcasing Oldboy at his best. 
On tracks like "Brink," Oldboy tackles difficult topics like mental health (something the artist has dealt with personally), bringing an introspective, mature honesty to the subject that is rarely heard in the game today.
Green has been making boom-bap beats and forging rhymes since the mid-nineties. Born in Merseyside but spending most of his life in Newcastle upon Tyne, he honed his skills at every open mic night he could find, which led him to crush live performances in the North East of England as well as gigs in Manchester and Ireland, earning him a reputation as a solid voice in the UKHH scene. 
After a forced hiatus due to his deteriorating mental health, he returned in 2013, collaborating with the likes of Scorzayzee, Junior Disprol and Joker Starr. His latest project and debut on the rapidly emerging UK Hip Hop label Weaponize Records sees him return with Thesaurus Rex, a meticulously crafted LP produced by UK Hip Hop mainstay Micall Parknsun and featuring incredible features from some of the UK's finest.

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