Friday, May 17, 2024

TWINZ by Djamhellvice x Skalpel


Rappers Djamhellvice and Skalpel (Première Ligne/La K-bine) form a new duo for the release of their joint project TWINZ.
This EP refers to the title “Twinz” by two Latino rappers from the Bronx (NY) Fat Joe and Big Pun.
The two artisans have already been able to collaborate numerous times on different pieces (13'12 against police violence, Army of gaia, D'ici danse, Section Daron, Utopistes Debout...) as well as in 2023 with their group BXII for the project “Just the salad.”
Twinz is a heavy and heavy boom bap style EP animated by 2 beatmakers: Stigmath and Slhigh Kut. The lyrics oscillate between rap references, social struggles, veganism and anti-fascism claimed through their foreign origins.
A mixture of egotrip and conscious rap taking the current themes of the style in reverse.

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