Friday, May 10, 2024

Vigilante by Dan-e-o


Dan-e-o’s hard-hitting 6th solo album “Vigilante” is equal parts lyricism clinic and seething social commentary. From the graphic novel album cover to the unapologetic lyrical content, “Vigilante” harshly critiques social media misuse, gun violence, anti-black racism, self-hatred, jealousy and self-doubt. Inspired by both the “Dexter” and “Death Note” series, Dan-e-o’s new album title represents his commitment to “kill” all of the negativity mentioned above.
Well-known for his classic debut 1996 single, “Dear Hip Hop”, Dan-e-o is every bit as punchline-heavy as you would expect on “Vigilante”. The album is also the veteran Toronto lyricist’s most provocative project to date. Taking zero bars lightly and sparing no feelings, Dan calls out such personalities as Kanye West, Donald Trump and Candace Owens while condemning Fox News, murderous police officers and the Ku Klux Klan. He even finds time to address a past toxic relationship while not missing a beat tearing into talentless rappers.
The soundscape of “Vigilante” can best be described as “heavy neck-snapping boom bap”. The head-nodders are supplied by Toronto’s Big Sproxx (Freedom Writers) and frequent collaborator Charisma a.k.a. Skizzz (Monolith) as well as Japan’s S-KY THE COOKINJAX. With an impressive list of featured guests including such legendary artists as Masta Ace, Saukrates and even comedy superstar, Russell Peters, Dan-e-o has created a recipe for hip-hop perfection. “These are the best 12 songs in the history of my catalogue,” insists Dan-e-o, “Period.” 

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