Friday, May 10, 2024

V​.​S​.​O​.​P. by Rico Herrera


Rico Herrera establishes himself as a visionary artist, redefining the Italian independent music scene, crossing genres and easy labels, from downtempo hip-hop roots to house and techno music inspired by the avant-garde.
We are proud to announce the release of his next EP "V.S.O.P. - Very Superior Old Pale," which sees him return not only in production but also to the microphone as an emcee.
VSOP is a groundbreaking exploration of themes of violence, mental illness, and self-love through a mix of soul and orchestral sounds with raw, contemporary sampling. It is the first time Italian Hip-Hop has tackled such a complex topic with such an empirical style, starkly contrasting the prevailing machismo and street materialism.
The synergy between Rico and his executive producer, rapper/manager FFiume of StrettoBlaster, emphasizes how their collective experience lays the foundation to create a new sonic experience. The EP addresses themes of mental illness such as violence and abuse, isolation, self-harm, and addictions, a very vivid photograph of modern globalized society.
"VSOP, like the cognac, is a particular blend. I have distilled violent stories into music. Nightmares, delusions, and hopes. It's a Tarkovsky film seen from the street, against all contemporary rap and trap representation. VSOP lays bare the fragility and real consequences of the same situations of violence and degradation that contemporary wave music narrates and glorifies." - Rico Herrera
VSOP offers music infused with dark samples, rhythmic or drumless beats, and contemplative and dreamy lyrics. The atmospheres capture the dynamic pulsing of dark and frantic thoughts, evoking images and emotions that reflect an unsettling context, then gradually more ethereal.
The screamed parts and frantic ad-libs of the first part deliver a sonic dimension that amplifies discomfort, carrying with the nuances of urban loneliness from the less affluent neighbourhoods. In counterpoint, the crescendo of the work evolves musically and lyrically towards sounds and themes of self-elevation, as in a journey in stages from a personal hell to a paradise.

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