Saturday, June 22, 2024

Another Day Another Ducket by Assa, BeatMasterBoyce


Another Day Another Ducket is the extended player release from Killa Tapes stalwart; Assa. It's a long-awaited project, featuring a host of dope emcees and other Killa Tapes Music artists, such as Citizen Nuggz, Outlaw Kingz, Ill Sykes, Prefects, Mic Dyson and Keyser Jose. It's not one for the light hearted hip hop heads, in fact, Assa's heavy and powerful style of straight rap is going to bang your head off a wall within the first few seconds of the EP starting to play. It really bangs, and it is, of course, some of that good, hard-core boom bap.
Produced, in full by BeatMasterBoyce

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