Thursday, June 6, 2024

Boom Blake x JP Da Illist x BhramaBull - Niggas Know

Trenton, New Jersey - June 3, 2024 - Money First, the dynamic hip-hop duo hailing from the streets of Trenton, proudly presents their latest single, "Niggas Know." With gritty beats and razor-sharp lyrics, Boom Blake and JP Da illest are set to ignite the rap scene with their raw talent and unapologetic style.
Inspired by the pulse of the city and their own experiences, Money First brings a fresh perspective to the hip-hop landscape. "Niggas Know" serves as a testament to their authenticity and commitment to their craft, delivering hard-hitting verses that resonate with listeners on a visceral level.
Produced by the underground sensation Bhramabull, "Niggas Know" is just a taste of what's to come from Money First. The duo is gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated album, which promises to be a tour de force of lyrical prowess and innovative production.
Boom Blake and JP Da illest are no strangers to the rap game, having honed their skills on the streets of Trenton and beyond. With "Niggas Know," they continue to push boundaries and defy expectations, solidifying their status as rising stars in the hip-hop world.
Get ready to vibe to the sounds of Money First and join the movement. Stay tuned for more updates on their upcoming album, fully produced by the one and only Bhramabull.

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