Friday, June 7, 2024

Fortunato x The Dirty Sample present The Coalition


The Coalition is a collaborative project between Toronto-born MC Fortunato and Calgary-based producer The Dirty Sample. Sharing a deep mutual admiration for the music of the other, the two finally joined forces a few years ago to work on this project. “I’m incredibly picky when it comes to beats” says Fortunato. “I listened to The Dirty Sample for years and every beat was so interesting and unique! I knew that I had to work with him.”

The album took shape over the last few years as beats and verses were exchanged between the two via email. The result is a dark, psychedelic trip into the grimy roots of underground hip hop. Both Fortunato and The Dirty Sample have lengthy music careers and their experience and passion for the culture shines through. Songs like “The Grime” and “Get It”, the first and third singles, are indicative of a bygone era where dark foreboding beats meet inspirational and introspective lyrics. The Coalition is a must for any listener who longs for the purity of hip hop as it was originally intended.

Written and performed by Fortunato, except “Will To Survive” by Fortunato and Ol’ Gorilla Bones

Produced by The Dirty Sample

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