Saturday, June 1, 2024

Raps On Slaps Volume 3 by The Insurgent


Raps On Slaps is a series consisting of 10 volumes, this is volume 3.
Raps On Slaps is an experimental phase to test the waters of some new styles of lyrical content and new styles of production.
Each of the albums in the Raps On Slaps saga has a different vibe, so be sure to check them all out.
The Insurgent traditionally raps over classic golden age boom bap production, but these Raps On Slaps albums lean more towards the modern era of hip hop. The birth of Insurgent G!
Enjoy the era of Raps On Slaps as The Insurgent dabbles in some new sounds on this experimental journey that will end after the Raps On Slaps series, which was specifically created to let loose and not make music with such a strong message and beautiful production, but more of just rapping for fun over beats that slap... Have fun!

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