Monday, June 3, 2024

Return of The Crazies by Cra-Z 88

Cra-Z 88, pronounced "Crazy 88", is a dynamic collective with roots tracing back over 15 years. Founded by Chi King, the group comprises Chi King himself, along with St. Paul and The Wood Beez.
For those unfamiliar with Chi King's journey, his remarkable career was set in motion when he was originally slated to join Dirty's label. However, fate intervened, leading him to the tutelage of Prodigal Sunn, courtesy of 12 O'Clock. Chi King found his home under Sunzini's Godz Inc label, all while maintaining ties with the esteemed Brooklyn Zu family.
St. Paul and The Wood Beez, spearheaded by St. Paul alongside a talented roster including Chazmanian Devil, Thunder Chief, Black Moses, Mendo Millz, Last Chance, and many more, emerged onto the scene under the mentorship of Christ Bearer. Prior to this endeavor, they collaborated closely with Chi King under the moniker Cra-Z 88, crafting a diverse collection of tracks showcased on this album.
This album marks a significant milestone for Cra-Z 88, offering a curated selection of tracks meticulously crafted over years of collaboration. Limited physical copies will be available for collectors and enthusiasts, reflecting our commitment to exclusivity.
Stay tuned for future releases, as we embark on a journey to complete the Trilogy series for BSOM, promising more sonic adventures and compelling narratives.

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