Sunday, June 30, 2024

Sight Beyond Sight by Verbz, Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz


Sight Beyond Sight' is a new collaboration between producer Mr. Slipz and lyricists Verbz & Nelson Dialect. Having worked with both emcees on full-length projects in the past ('Radio Waves' / 'Ever Since'), this new body of work sees Verbz, Nelson and Slipz combine across an entire LP, proving beyond a doubt that their collective chemistry extends far beyond the features we've encountered to date.
The partnership is unrelenting and dynamic; Slipz's signature drums & jazz-infused loops provide the perfect terrain for Verbz and Nelson to offer a fresh wave of insight, exploring existential pockets beyond the everyday and seeking 'sight beyond sight' as both escapism and meditation.
From classic neck-snappers like lead single "Strike Back" and title track "Sight Beyond Sight," to the more reflective "Homecoming" or "Beside Me," to vivid storytelling / conceptual cuts like "Cause and Effect," Verbz and Nelson communicate the aspirations and choices of young artists in the modern world with clarity and precision. The result? An album that offers something for every listener.
With a strong feature list including Jace XL, King Kashmere, NuphZed & Renelle 893, it is the back and forth lyricism that really shines.
Fifteen electric tracks, expertly crafted by Mr. Slipz and navigated by Verbz, Nelson and friends.

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