Monday, June 10, 2024

Silas Zephania & O THE GREAT - Crownz & Cathedralz (Prod. Ashtronomicz)

Crownz & Cathedralz is the latest single from the forthcoming album by Silas Zephania. O THE GREAT adds tremendous lyrical value - to this piece of poetic conceptualism over the production of Ashtronomicz. 
Zeph and O THE GREAT represent Hip Hop Authorial percipience - in the sociological context of historical relevance - fused with the lucid pragmatism of contemporary precision. Ashtronomicz is a producer who is dedicated to the composition of Hip Hop music and the technically proficient attributes of soulful prudence. Internalise the art of rhyming through the literary portal of wise wordsmiths. 
Dart Amulets will combine the methodological dimensions of lyrical density; with the indelible faculties of beat science. 

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