Thursday, June 6, 2024

Slick Walk - 50 (More Hits) feat QNC


The latest slice of tasty vinyl from RS Records, the third one to be exact, is a 45 dedicated to that hip-hop love: heads who’ve had it bad for the culture and hip-hop lovers who just happened to catch a stray from Cupid! This time around, production was handled
by Slick Walk, aka SaturnVybz and DJ Robert Smith. Side A kicks off with “50 (More Hits)," a space funk-inflected mellow banger featuring NYC legends QNC (Q-Ball and Curt Cazal) professing their love for the one and only. The combo of Premo-type crisp drum programming, soft cumulus cloud-like synths, and a warm, velvety bass will make you feel like you’re flying, that is, if you’re cruising in your car. If you’re just taking a stroll down your block, the sensation is that of walking on air. Stitched from references to old school and golden era gems, where almost every bar is a hyperlink to a deep classic, the track is literally a hip-hop encyclopedia.

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