Thursday, July 11, 2024

Das Neue Sortiment by Retrogott & Nepumuk


"One Two One Two it is again so far - Two untypical MCs give you Saures on zuckers├╝├čen Beats".
A good four years have passed since the two artists mentioned in the title washed our heads with "Metamusik". And since our human meaninglessness will end up in funklessness in the long run, here we go again: The Retrogott and the Nepumuk deliver with "Das Neue Sortiment" once again the counter design to the ever growing offer of idiotic absurdities of contemporary humanity. Luckily, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel between the overblown vinyl rims of the competition and zoom-meetings for couples' therapy, which gives hope to your little chickens. And who produced it? All Knowsum - no bullshit.
"Das Neue Sortiment" will be released on 10.07.24 as highly limited hardcore bundle with instrumentals and bonus 7inch (3 exclusive Retrogott Beats + 3 exclusive Nepumuk Beats) as well as on normal 1fach vinyl and digitally on all streaming platforms. 

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