Friday, July 5, 2024

Fadi Ammous & Figub Brazlevic - Elephant In The Room | الفيل في الغرفة

Fadi Ammous is a Palestinian hip-hop artist and music producer born in Jerusalem, Palestine. Fadi began his music career in 2002 and has become a prominent figure in the hip-hop community, known for his socially conscious lyrics and powerful performances.
Fadi's music often focuses on the social issues facing Palestinians, and he uses his lyrics to draw vivid pictures of daily life in Palestine. His passion for using themes for social transformation and youth empowerment has led him to work with refugees and non-refugees, helping them express themselves through music production and live performances.
In addition to his musical work, Fadi is a social entrepreneur with a strong interest in using music to effect positive change in his community. He has been recognized for his efforts, winning the MTV Latin America peace award for his contributions to promoting peace and understanding through music.
Fadi's musical achievements include creating a music track for an Oscar academy-nominated film. In addition, he has been a member of several bands, including G-TOWN, until 2012 and the Project Chaos movement.
Fadi's music is primarily hip-hop and rap, with a unique style that reflects his passion for social justice and transformation. As a music producer, he is dedicated to creating powerful and socially relevant tracks, working to amplify the voices of those marginalized in his community.
Fadi Ammous is a talented and socially conscious musician dedicated to using his art to effect positive change in the world.
In 2016 Fadi Ammous and the renowned music producer and beatmaker Figub Brazlevic from Berlin came together due to an inspiring workshop in Bethlehem. The aim of the workshops was to creatively support children and young people from the Shu'afat Refugee Camp in East Jerusalem. In this cultural exchange, Fadi and Figub not only discovered their shared passion for music, but also developed a deep friendship.
Fadi Ammous' lyrical skills and Figub Brazlevic's musical expertise harmonized perfectly, and so they decided to combine their artistic forces. This collaboration resulted in the creation of a unique album that combined the two artists' cultural influences and personal stories.
Taxi Ramallah became a powerful expression of the friendship between Fadi and Figub, as well as an artistic bridge between their different backgrounds. The tracks not only reflect the diversity of musical styles, but also tell stories of hope, resilience and the universal power of music to connect across borders and differences. This encounter in Bethlehem marked the beginning of a creative partnership that was not only artistically fruitful, but also helped to build bridges between different cultures and communities.

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