Thursday, July 11, 2024

Juxtaposed Echoes by Nuse Tyrant


In a gritty urban landscape, where shadows cling to the walls like secrets, we meet our enigmatic protagonist, Nuse Tyrant. Directors Trust One and Clypto construct a balance of sounds, where opposite perspectives intersect with the message of our protagonist —juxtaposed echoes reverberating through time.
Don’t Blink - Nuse Tyrant battles bouts of sleep paralysis, butterfly effects, disturbing nightmares and unnerving decisions…always be aware that doubt is detrimental! “Adam and Eve, disregarded Apples terms and conditions… don’t blink champ
24kt - 3 perspectives. Spoken from the gold itself, the one who wears the gold and the one who robs for gold…the history, the beauty and the detriment of the metal.
I’ll despite you to get the gold!
Miss you Bad - We all have moments in life we miss, this track gives listeners a memory elixir. Good and bad. It begins with life and ends with leaving white shirts Harvard Scarlett, death
Ghost of Dilla - RIP James “J Dilla” Yancey. This is a prayer for Dilla and his loved ones.
The Story of the Crane Fighter - Nuse Tyrants hood version of the classic Raymond Lui movie.
Love Jones - Blaxploitation….a story of tragedy, love, death and revenge.
Camouflaged Faces -It always wars in cyphas…Everytime I pick up the microphone i camo up!! “No reason I should surrender, I just camo face.” What more can I say.
Sound beyond sight - Nuse Tyrants takes listeners through a braindance where vision is a bliss looks like utopia, but behind the priests handshake, is a Tyrant. Nuse Tyrants’ whispers of unity are amplified and drown out the negativity that sight provides.
Corner pocket - Painting a vivid tapestry of life’s complexities, blending the juxtaposition of vulnerability and defiance. Rappers look for the pocket, corner pockets present wider coverages of angles.
Unwordly Realms - The song expresses intense emotions, with the speaker’s fury speaking volumes. Nuse Tyrant grapples with his ego, emphasizing his uniqueness and the fear he evoke in others. The narrative is shaped by heritage, and sharing heart and inner struggles.
Duality - Nuse Tyrant tackles the balance between two opposites. With war comes peace, with hatred comes love, with life comes death.
Fact of the matter - The trifecta of mic, beats, and words becomes the spotlight. In a world where rules are broken, the narrator navigates challenges, confronting conflicting information and methods used to divide and conquer the people
Chain reaction: The language for the lost. Holy water with words challenging the spirits. The people get pushed away from what they have built, only to leave brothers at odds. Even the promise land been gentrified!
UnheardCrys - Malice is a world event…Nuse Tyrant calls to arm. The message raises hell, poor people fight back! Nuse the Tyrants

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