Tuesday, July 9, 2024

My Atmosphere by Atlantis Scrolls


American Poets 2099, a prominent West Coast Hip-Hop group, has been making waves in the hip-hop scene for a while now. The group is led by the legendary Holocaust (Warcloud) from the Wu-Tang family tree. The lineup includes Pro the Leader, known as Holocaust's protégé from a young age, along with Nova-Kane, Bootface, Atlantis Scrolls, Ace Gauntlit, Anti The Decimator, and later Masta of Ceremoniez.
As their movement expanded, they formed alliances with international acts like Mysterious from the United Kingdom and collaborated with School of the Gifted as Mega-Powers. They also incorporated several groups within their collective.
In continuation of the AP2099 and BSOM releases, their extensive catalog includes unreleased, upcoming, and rare tracks. This latest release is the "Atlantis Scrolls Trilogy," called "Atlantis Harmonies Trilogy" available as a limited edition and a bonus album exclusive to the deluxe version Only. Keep an eye out for what might be the final project from the collective soon.

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