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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Taiyamo Denku -The Darker Side of Light (produced by Bo Faat)

Taiyamo Denku is a mc from Milwaukee in Wisconsin. In cooperation with the German-based producer Bo Faat he released in march 2020 an album called "The Darker Side of Light". This Album has 19 Tracks on it with 10 solo Tracks. This album also contains guest apperiences by Big Shug, Che Noir, Planet Asia, Cambatta, Kinetic9 & Shogun Assasun, Killah Priest, Pacewon & Alter Ego and 38 Spesh. The sound of the Album can be described as Deep Boom Bap Sound. The lyrics of Taiyamo Denku are very personal. You will hear no superficial hip hop standard shit on this album!

What This album is about Taiyamo Denku tells us in the first Track of the Album that goes by the name "let me talk":

He is talking about keeping a positive mindset in a toxic enviorment. And that it´s never helpful to try to become someone else like tupac for example and emphasizes that you have to do your own craft:

You should - stop trying to be who you´re not - you should - stop trying to be Tupac
you should - wake up smile success - sirens strech -from my windows to the next

He also speaks about the struggle of not living good of being an artist if you are keeping it real. And that you have to face situations where people want to bring you down, but that its the only right thing to do:

I was meant to make hip hop - even if you don´t buy - a wiseman said - do what you love til you die
so i followed my dreamscape - they can´t break your love - just by shadow and hate

Also he is making a clear statement of what he is thinking about bootleggers and that he is worth to be paid for his craft:

You don´t need to like me - but you should respect me - they tell me I´m dope - the best mc
there´s no goat - to a tyrannosaur like me - FUCK YOU - if you stream my record for free
I know my worth is more - then a basket in church - thats charity -I´ve been a rarity from birth

What I also loved very much about the Album is the feature verse from Killah Priest. He is making fun of the conspracy theory that he doesn´t exist in reality and is just an aka of one of the 9 Wu Generals:

What if I told you GZA wrote all of my rhymes - and that I´m really Ghostface and Ghostface´s really me - half of the time 
A programm of a cloned man - artificial smartness - that pro blend - the bruce wayne of the wu tang

At last but not least I want to talk abouth a Track on the Album where Taiyamo Denku gives respect to Joel Ortiz named "Joell Ortiz Revision". He is talking about that Joell Ortiz is kind of an Inspector who is taking care that realness gets recognition in the Hip Hop World.

I need Hip Hop to revise me - in the best way possible - the best thought logical
something to make em listen - a Joell Ortiz revision

All in all you can´t do something wrong if you check out this Album it´s full of that good Hip Hop music that liftens up the spirit when you are listening to it.

You can stream & purchase this Album here:

released March 24, 2020

All songs Written By Taiyamo Denku for CyphaDen Music unless noted.
All Music produced by Bo Faat
All Songs Mixed and mastered by J. Miller at Denku's Garden Studios ( Milwaukee, WI )

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