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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Duuq "16 Step Utopia"

producer Duuq  releases debut LP 16 Steps to Utopia"Münster-based  music producer and bass player Duuq grew up in the 90´s as a child of a professional musician. Early in his life he was mostly influenced by Jazz, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop music.
After playing the tenor horn in an orchestra for three years Duuq switched to playing the bass guitar at an age of twelve, began to play in bands and got in touch with producing a few years later to record his bass lines and create his own music around his ideas.

What you get out of this scenario after over eighteen years of musicianship and hundreds of hours of on stage experience is a very versatile, atmospheric and detailed sound with often sophisticated chord progressions, punchy yet soulful drums and unique bass lines. In terms of genre Duuq´s productions are located somewhere between Westcoast Hip Hop, Nu Soul, Boom Bap and G-Funk.

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