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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Interview with Producer "Beatahoe"

Today we have the uncomprehending opportunity to to interview the myth that is Beatahoe.  This undeniable force from Montréal, Canada  has produced for some of the most rawest MC's that the underground is producing right now from Bronze Nazareth,  Gore Elohim (Non-Phixon)  &  Grim Moses  to Jak Progresso,  Boxguts,  Pruven,  Labal-S,  Madchild  & Marv One.
Beatahoe's  catalog runs very deep & the more you listen the more styles & layers you discover to his production, you can be vibin' to a soul loop from the 70's one minute & then be thrown back into a Sci-Fi sample the next to then end up in a slasher with some heavy horrorcore to finish.

This producer is clearly not shook by his own creative processes & has openly admitted to @HHHEADZ that if he was to repeat his own creations over & over resulting in the same beats then he would have no choice but to gouge out his own eyeballs.
We had a blast setting up this interview with Beatahoe  & we hope one day we can get into his studio one day and try document one of these sessions for a behind the scenes exclusive look into this producer on the boards in action.
But until that day is manifested we will leave you with this exclusive HHHEADZ interview with Beatahoe.

So tell us where your from king?
" Sept-Iles Quebec "

How would you describe your craft?

Brewing alien codeine beats in my mpc 5000 "

When & how did you come up with the name Beatahoe?
A friend in studio called me that as a joke and the name stuck as I needed a name for a release fast!! "

When did you first start in music?

" I was a horrible club DJ during university and I was terminated from that scene!  I fell in love with scratching though and was a turntablist for a few years before I got into production. "

What would you say was the first piece of equipment/software you used to make a beats?

" My father bough me a Roland Mc 909 when I graduated university!  It has the cheesiest sounds on the planet !  I got it stolen twice! "

So what are you rockin' with these days to make beats?

" Mpc 5000 and pro tools and some Roland racks and Nord synth "

Who would be the first rapper you put in work with as a producer?

" Chance won from Mtl.  He told me he had shoe boxes filled with money and that he would give me loot for beats!  He used 2 beats!

So tell us what you think drew you to making music the most?

" I think it’s latently genetic.  It took quite some time!  Very organic with my art! "

Who would your biggest musical inspirations be?

" Alchemist, Rza, Beat Butcha, J-Zone,E-Swift, Madlib, Dre! "

What is the creative process of Beatahoe?

" I need my studio area to be very clean!  I need a green tea as well! I keep records close if I need inspiration but I’m sampling less and less! I always do the same routine when I’m digging for records!  I always buy the cheap records that look dope !  I don’t dig for names or types, I just digg the crates till I find a descent stack and I keep that stack in studio until I use it all! "

So your writing a lot of your own music these days then?" I don’t write music as my relationship worth making music is more simplistic!  I’ll just load up some drums in mpc and see where the spark takes me!  I keep records in studio if ever I want to be inspired by someone else but I feel like biting too much when I sample and I’d rather just create something without samples!  I just got back from trip and I bought records cause I still love sampling but I feel like alchemist, premier etc their sample creations are so empowering which makes me want to make music in my own lane without samples! "How many alter egos would you say Beatahoe has?

" A few but I dont name them!  You need to digg to find them! "

What's your process behind teaming up with rappers & the execution?

" I always reach mc’s and offer them to make an ep without paying them!  I show them my discography and tell them I’m willing to put down mad hours for the art! "

How did you come to work with Boxguts?

" I worked with gore and Jak Progresso and then I reached out to Boxguts and he was willing to work!  He’s real hungry and he’s a creative alien friend! "

Your Bandcamp page has you down as 39 releases, how much do you have shelved?

" When I started I made lots of eps with rappers that sounded terrible!  I tried my best to erase them!  It’s my fault as I was too eager to work and rushed too many small projects that ended up being wack!  I regret this "

Any new projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

" Right now I’m doing 2-3 singles for Montréal rappers that will come out soon!  I’m also producing the next hot bref boy for Boxguts that’s 23 beats! "

Who are you most wanting to work with this year?
" All the people I would really want to work with would ask me 5000 for a verse!  They would enjoy a tiny drumm les loop with no sounds !  I don’t make tiny loops off records! I never did that as it’s soo boring! Plus i feel like I’m just stealing some music and getting credits like a snake! "

Who you wanna shout out!?
" Everyone in the struggle!  Never give up peace lords! "

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