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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Ralphiie Reese "Shyne Mosley III"

Somebody just asked @HHHEADZ  what today's math was and we replied "SHYNE MOSLEY III". Philly's  most influential Ralphiie Reese  has dropped one of the most anticipated grimy underground albums of the year today & all sales are live right now, the psychical joints are gonna fly out so you better go cop ASAP before you start bitchin.

Famm Ralphiie Reese  always stands in high regard with the self-produced rap levels & his content is always exercising your mind, no rap gimmicks in sight just straight up raw Philly  at it's finest & that's why Ralphiie Reese  gets so many daps from Philly's  OG's.
Everyone @HHHEADZ  pray everyday that our brother Ralphiie Reese  stays sharpening his sword and keeps choppin heads.
Be sure to go peep game and immerse yourself in kings catalog because the darts on offer run deep, each project plays a pivotal role in understanding the depths on what Ralphiie Reese  offers to Hip Hop & how truly unique and special this person is to music.

All praise The Dart Unit 🎯

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