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Saturday, August 15, 2020

N.B.S. & Snowgoons - Obama Couldn't Even Change America ft Fredro Starr

Massachusetts'  most consistent rap duo N.B.S. (Nux & Flash) 
links up with German  powerhouse Snowgoons  to produce what can only be described as unapologetically in your face with externalizing the current social & political climate in America that is being shown all across the world, these issues are now more then just a elephant in the room that can be avoided if you try hard enough because if its not in front of you in the morning as you watch the news, your pocket is vibrating because someone you know has sent you the latest murder by police on the streets or the latest moronic thing the "Little Orange Baby" as defecated from his mouth.

"Obama Couldn't Even Change America"! 
is the second single to be released for N.B.S.'s  forthcoming LP entirely produced by The Snowgoons  titled "Still Trapped in America", Fredro Starr  of Onyx  fame has featured on the second single to help push these maters into the personal space of people in all corners of the globe, using their vast platforms to not only shed light but turn the spotlight directly onto the issues that must be dealt with by the people for the people.
This new political masterpiece has been produced by none-other than Sicknature  who is 1/3 of the production crew knows as The Snowgoons.

& Goons  have been tight since way back when DJ Illegal  had a store in Karlsruhe  named Union Square & from there he started Mpire Records  in-which manifested The Snowgoons.
We all hope that we continue to see such great content from Goons  & everyone they continue to work with. Make sure we all go out and show support come release day of  "Still Trapped in America".

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