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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Supreme Cerebral - Ultimate Mind


Supreme Cerebral releases his highly anticipated new album "Ultimate Mind", we have been blessed by two leading singles already titled "Summer in the Slums" & "Roddy Piper" featuring Jay Royale & today the full album arrives.
This project claps hard & has massively raised the bar as to where Bugzy Nino is artistically as an MC & curator.
This album could hold no features & still accomplish what what Preme sets out.
The production along with its mastering is so well polished its a total breeze to find yourself stopping to soak up what "Ultimate Mind" has to offer & embodies sonically.
Clearly this new album from Supreme Cerebral is a key piece to pivotal projects in the break of a new decade in Hip-Hop & we couldn't think of a more fitting title for such an album.
This being the 3rd studio release from lord this year, it feels light years ahead in regards to its professional maturity & its complete package.
This is a huge moment in time for everyone involved at Dart Unit & it's well deserved, their grind is impeccable and we wish the whole Dart Unit nothing but wealth & success.
If this is the new standard in which is held by Supreme Cerebral then one can only imagine the type of top tier projects still to come during this new era in Hip-Hop.
Solid features from heavyweight artists such as Vinny Vindetta, Ralphiie Reese, Born Unique, Daniel Son, Waterr, Definite Mass, Jay Royale & Ill Conscious help stamp its solid approval in its universe.
It's definitely dope to see Daniel Son work on a feature here, Bugzy & Son got at it awhile back & it's nothing but love from here in for the two & its dope to see people hash it out.
Production is handled by such an array of talent from the likes of Giallo Point, Kaoss, Architech, Eyedee, Slide Beatz, D.Mar, Level 13 & Slum Lord.
Go peep this knock out project now!

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