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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Album Review : k0zm0s x DJ Chosen1 - Master Of My Destiny


When k0zm0s & DJ Chosen1 dropped their first single "Lil Donnie" on October 1st & further announced the release of the duo's debut album "Master Of My Destiny" we knew straight away that the Hip-Hop community was it for a treat.
With a steady flow of singles dropping off the album since the start of October it was clear that the two intend to come in kicking the door off the hinges.
HHHEADZ have had the privileged of an early listen & this well crafted piece has been ringing loud in our speakers ever since we first pressed play.
The Album EP holds 7 tracks + 1 Outro & 4 Bonus Instrumentals for a total of 12 tracks.

"Master Of My Destiny"
opens with the first single "Lil Donnie" DJ Chosen1 produced an incredible beat here, the strings used across the track give a boasting triumphant sound for k0zm0s to pick apart as he tells the story of a street kid named "Donnie"
Then we take a turn to the second single titled "The Watcherz" We were blown away when we first heard this joint, a true hardcore beat that has you ante up immediately & k0zm0s only adds fuel on the fire that DJ Chosen1 produced by rapping about smacking the taste out of keyboard warriors & the sounds of a sword slicing through flesh at the end of the track.

"Whr My Muny At_!!" is the third track to feature on

"Master Of My Destiny" This joint was definitely made with the clubs in mind, the energy here is unavoidable & will tear the roof off any building.
The string laden track "No Playing" see's DJ Chosen1 take an executive producer approach as The Thrillz takes control of the boards and showcases his production skills.
This track has a lot of soul & bounce & the cadence held by k0zm0s is first class flow.

"My Shine" was released as the 5th & final single in anticipation of the release of
"Master Of My Destiny" DJ Chosen1 goes in on this beat & lets the horns reign supreme over the hard knocking drums, the beat creates the optimum pocket for k0zm0s to sit in & flow on as he brags, boasts & flexes on everything.
"Let me Go" gets down to a personal note as k0zm0s hits home on this one & turns to an open book with the trials & tribulations of life & what we go through inside our family's, there is a lot to relate to here & you can feel the pain inside k0zm0s words, the production from DJ Chosen1 helps to cut into the pain & shine light on the track & uplift the vibe.

As we take a turn to the tail end of the EP we arrive at "Live From Da Basement" a deep roll from the bass notes has all the ingredients of a Golden Era track, this joint is made for the trucks & the sounds are relentless inside the 2min54 time frame, there is no chorus/hook its just k0zm0s bar for bar going in & feels like he recorded this off the cuff, no written's just tearing into the classic 90's era production from DJ Chosen1 & they end the track perfectly keeping the extra recordings from the session to close the track & creates a connect with the duo & the listener feels like they where in the session with them.

The closing outro "Trenton" tells the listener exactly where k0zm0s is from Trenton, NJ & it's the perfect sample to finalize the duo's debut project.
This is an incredibly strong debut EP from rapper k0zm0s & ATL's own producer DJ Chosen1, off the strength of the chemistry created from this project
"Master Of My Destiny" we want to see more from these 2 & when its time we think a full length LP will rival any major release of it's time.
k0zm0s creates narrative after narrative that you easily get lost in, this guy is a fully fledged story teller & it's something of a lost art in the current ebb & flow of Hip-Hop.
The level of production from DJ Chosen1 solidifies the level of craftsmanship that has gone into this project.
He knows exactly what works for the context of k0zm0s & can pick a mean sample.
We mention it a lot here inside HHHEADZ about current production trends lacking in strong horns & strings with big knocking drums & bass lines & DJ Chosen1 is truly a welcoming sound for bored ears, Chosen1 really grabs control & knows exactly what lane each track should be in.
You can clearly tell that they are in full control of all processes & its dope to see such maturity on a debut release.

Sales for
"Master Of My Destiny" go live November 13th & numbers are limited so don't catch yourself slipping, this is not one you wanna try hunt down on a resell level because it will be a sort after release.
Stay tuned for the upcoming interview HHHEADZ is conducting with k0zm0s & DJ Chosen1.

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