Thursday, November 5, 2020

Grind Mode Cypher COVID-16's Vol. 16 (prod. by BOOMTACT BEATS)


Time for a new episode Grind Mode Cypher "COVID-16's". In today's episode "Vol. 16" of the project are Lingo himself, Thought Provokah, ALVMNII, Oscar Real Lyphe, U-nik Stylez, Small Hands and 5ve.


 Grind Mode Cypher COVID-16's Vol. 16 


Lingo | Pawtucket, Rhode Island | 

Thought Provokah | Queens, New York | 

ALVMNII | Las Vegas, NV | 

Oscar Real Lyphe | Raleigh, North Carolina | 

U-nik Stylez | Reading, Pennsylvania | 

Small Hands | Ft. LaudyDenver, Floridarado | 

5ve | Ft. LaudyDenver, Floridarado |

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