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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Grind Mode Cypher - Omega Haiku (prod. by Beatnick Classics & Missing Ellaments)

Grind Mode Cypher introduces us to Omega Haiku. With this cyper are the crew members Lord Gremithy, Demmene Syronn, K-Vinyl, J-Earn, Supa, Unk11 and Big G’s (prod. By Beatnick Classics & Missing Ellaments)

Lord Gremithy | New Bedford, Massachusetts | 

Demmene Syronn | Schenectady, New York | 

K-Vinyl | North Providence, Rhode Island | 

J-Earn | Portsmouth, Rhode Island | 

Supa | Providence, Rhode Island | 

Unk11 | Providence, Rhode Island | 

Big G’s | Woonsocket, Rhode Island |

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