Thursday, June 3, 2021

DJ Anhonym - The Turntables Show #101

Episode 101
of DJ Anhonym's "The Turntables Show" is here.




Tracklist TB Show #101
1) "Check it yoo yoo" by IMAM Thug & V12 Blaq Sinatra Pdt by Dj Modesty RHHS
2) "We don't fuck around" by Apathy
3) "Legends never die" by Montener the Menace Ft A.G.
4) "Heavy Ghetto" by John Robinson Ft Eloh Kush & Blu
5) "It's me" by Tek Bully
6) "Eternal Winner" by Napoleon da Legend & Akhenaton Ft Dj Djaz
7) " Lead by example" by Ransom Badbonez Ft Rec Ali, Skyzoo, Juxx Diamondz & Dj Jazz T
8) "Caugh you slippin"
9) "P.S.E." by Apathy Ft Styles P & Lil Fame
10) "Mad Beef" by Knoah the Sinna
11) "Bath Salts" by DMX Ft Nas & Jay Z
12) "Body for a body" by DRE Colombian raw Ft Casablanca
13) "The Oh Oh" by B.V.A. Ft Leaf Dog
14) "The people's champ" by Rockwellz
15) "A new Beginning" by Shabaam Sahdeeq
16) "We R not alike" by M.A.V. Ft Brizz Rawsteen
17) "2nd to none" by Vino la Mano
18) "Stuck in the game" by Vino la Mano
19) "Mask up" by Novatore & C Lance Ft G Mo Skee
20) "Utmost respect" by B.L.A.C.C. Heart

Hope u enjoy the Show
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