Thursday, June 10, 2021

Soundcloud Scrutiny Ft Evidence, Datkid, Bronx Slang, Nottz, Rapsody, Ke Turner, Rah Digga, Trademark Blud & ANoyd

Hi everybody my names Scuba and this should serve as some form of quick introduction. I've been a blogger since 2009 on "Scotland Standup" and worked in a few other places since then til i started "All That Dope Shit" which is now a monthly Hip Hop Podcast on my podcasting channel called BTN Media

All you need to know is Butcha has allowed me to be an author of some posts on HHHeadz with some other work coming soon.  That'll do from me.

I used to do a Soundcloud Goodies post on my other blogs a while back, so Butcha has allowed somewhat of a "Pilot Episode" on his website. So here we go and let's see if we get renewed for a full season.

Before we start, Heres what this is all about: 
Me and a guest or 2 will have the chance to write small reviews, as a DJ and hip hop fan i can discuss my thoughts on the music and how it sounds as a whole. Guests will be able to review the music from their perspective. Not everything is equal and musical taste is relative, what's DOPE to me, may not be so good in anothers eyes. This is what this post is all about. 

So let's get into it, and if you dare. Leave a comment, I'm interested to see your thoughts on the tracks i've picked, and what you think of what we are thinking .Artists are probably going to check the posts so any feedback for them would be amazing, or maybe not haha.

This Weeks guest: 
Canberra, Australia based Rapper and crew member of Rap FC Jam Cee

Let's  Do This:

Bronx Slang - Happens A Lot

Scuba - FIRE, Real 90's vibe on this one. Second MC sounds like a dead on clone of Big Pun, Not sure whether that's a bad thing or not, i like it. Track flows well and both MC''s bounce off each other nicely.
Jam Cee -  This track is a lot of fun to listen to. The production sampling is interesting; at one point I heard some James Brown seemingly out of nowhere but it fit seamlessly in the breakdown. Not surprised to discover the song title is called Bronx Slang because one of these MCs sounds similar to Big Pun! I love Pun, so it either measures up or falls short. It couldn’t be better! But I’d check out another one of their original tracks to see if they switch up the style or not…

Datkid & Illinformed - Wakmo

Scuba - Standard dopeness here from the production of Illinformed and Bristol warrior Datkid, Datkid has a snarky and sarcastic style that i love. I think we all need a "Wackproof Strapped Vest in our lives"

Jam Cee - Love me some dark grimy tracks! This mobster beat is just that!! Rhymes aren’t extremely elaborate but are clear and quite comedic at some points. On some Onyx-style cadence over this track stacked up with bucketfuls of braggadocio. Can’t go wrong with some hard rhymes, and they come through!

Trademark Blud - Lemon

Scuba - Trade has been a favourite of mine for a few years now. This one showcases his laid back delivery, just nice and chill. 

Jam Cee - That horn sample was very distracting for me. The fact that it loops almost endlessly with little variation through most of the song adds insult to injury. Lyrics pulled me in almost as much as the lazy chorus. This is a filler song; please tell me I’m right.

ANoyd - Rey Mysterio

Scuba - This should be Rey Mysterio's entrance music right?. Super hype. Dank bassline forward beat which immediately garners all of my attention. Magical cadence from ANoyd  lots of replay value on this one.

Jam Cee - Beat is on some low-key coke-induced hyper-drive. ANoyd himself sounds like so many dope famous rappers whose style I can’t quite put my finger on at the moment, but sounds like them in a good way! I swear I was listening to Talib Kweli, pardon my smoke!

Evidence - Pardon Me

Scuba - So unfortunately i don't feel that Evidence is the strongest rapper but he always picks incredible beats. Nice decent flow on this one, but again nothng that is going to blow your socks off. 

Jam Cee - Production’s there; on some barebones Alchemist vibe—just Googled and found out they’re related! Dilated Peoples for me is either BIG hit or easy miss with me. In this track, Evidence, instead of coming across as a chill counterbalance to Rakaa, makes a solid stance in solidarity with a very honest poetical piece. This man isn’t merely trying to make a hit song, he is actually making good music. I’m definitely gonna check the rest of the album… 

Nottz - Black Woman (feat. Rapsody, Ke Turner, Rah Digga, Nikki Grier)

Scuba - Amazing, a little biased as Ke Turner appears on this track and is a friend of ours over at All That Dope Shit. This shit hits differently. It's beautiful, bold and unapologetic. BANGER.
Jam Cee - The production is pristine. Beat is funky, bright, and musical. I was about to call somebody out for sounding like Rah Digga, but turns out, it’s actually her! And I don’t think you have to be a black woman yourself to enjoy this song. I’ve been asking about today’s female rapper presence similar to that from the early 90’s, devoid of the make-up, the outfits, the wigs, the glitz & glamour; some of that ol’ Latifah, “…Who you calling’ a bitch?!” I’m surprised I haven’t heard Nottz before…maybe I have!

There you go guys episode one of a new show pilot, let's hope we are renewed for the full season and not shitcanned on day one and having to send all the staff home. 

Check out Jam Cee

And leave us a comment below, What do you guys think of the tracks?


  1. Jam Cee is a fantastic reviewer! Knows his rap music well and is very descriptive with his comments. Pulled me right into listening to a few of the tracks a second time. Hope you are renewed so we can hear more from him!

  2. Thanks for commenting. We'll be working with diferent acts every time. But i'll definetely keep Jam Cee on the backburner and get him back. Thanks for having a look.