Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Its working!
The brand new heatrock from JJP off the HITMAN FOR HIRE V2 lp (Released May 21st 2021)
This raw and aggressive gritty sound is "so dirty but so clean" as Pelly and Fryday bring to the table exactly whats been missing all the while paying homage to the legendary hip hop classic film "Beat Street" where hip hop heads had to steal the electricity from the street lights just to run the music at local park jams where dance, rhyme, fashion along with street culture and art first came together as one! "Its working" also signifies the relentless grind JJP possesses as he goes hard in the rap game gaining more and more momentum with each bar reclaiming success leaving his mark everywhere in sight just like the graffiti that once graced every train in NYC moving! Enjoy!



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