Saturday, December 4, 2021

Backburner - Spice Rack (DJ Pack)


Backburner spice things up with the first single from their hotly anticipated third album, Continuum, arriving in the winter of 2022 from Hand’Solo Records and Black Buffalo Records. With a crew that is 20+ strong, you can always expect a fine fusion of fire flavours, and “Spice Rack” is no exception. Wordburglar, More Or Les, Ghettosocks and the Swamp Thing trio of Timbuktu, Chokeules and Savilion deliver diverse lyrical wordplay for you to chew on. Served up on on a smooth bed of boom bap drums, a nimble guitar loop, and Bollywood background vocals as cooked up by chef Sav, this recipe will leave you salivating. And it’s only the first course. Let the “Spice Rack” explode in your face!



Written and performed by Timbuktu, Wordburglar, Savilion, Ghettosocks, More Or Les & Chokeules 
Produced by Savilion  
Cuts by Uncle Fester 

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