Saturday, December 4, 2021

Kurious and Ro Data - Koncrete Jungle


It’s the return of the New York rap legend formerly known as Kurious Jorge, the man behind the classic 1994 debut album “A Constipated Monkey,” not to mention, guest appearances on several MF DOOM (RIP) albums including “Operation: Doomsday,” and a memorable cameo on Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’s “No Need For Alarm.” This is Kurious’s first project in years but he’s sounding as sharp as ever over Ro Data’s buttery production. If you're not familiar with Ro, he's the Vancouver, BC producer behind fan-favorite albums by BIG TURKS (Rome Streetz, Lord Juco, and Jamal Gasol), Napoleon Da Legend, and SageInfinite.

The lead single off "Koncrete Jungle" is titled “Jack Daniels," which is a scathing criticism of the current state of the US. Other highlights on the album include  "My Kinda People," where Kurious' examines the personality traits of those he surrounds himself with, and the haunting title track, which features Mighty Buda and Jorge continuing the diatribe he kicks off on "Jack Daniels." The LP also features guest verses from Planet Asia and Homeboy Sandman, while Chong Wizard adds some precise cuts to "Crosstown."

The project also includes three different eye-catching covers by the likes of Opium, Dan Evans, and Laz Bones.




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