Thursday, March 17, 2022

Mickey O'Brien - Bagloops (official video)

The official video for “Bagloops”, expertly crafted by Dan Jardine for Boom Shoal Enterprises, is straight out of Miller’s Crossing or Peaky Blinders. An assortment of sketchy characters—played by friends and collaborators, including producer Fresh Kils, rap artist Max Moon, and Hand’Solo Records label-head Thomas Quinlan—clash as they compete for control of a criminal empire.

Explore this shady and thrilling world with Mickey O’Brien and Premrock on “Bagloops”.

About “Bagloops”

Mickey O’Brien demonstrates his uncanny ability to tackle a variety of topics and tempos with “Bagloops”. The beat, the lyrical references, and the cinematic video, are a larger-than-life, action-packed nod to O’Brien’s Celtic heritage. Juno-nominated producer and MPC button masher Fresh Kils (Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Buena Vista Social Club) lays down a wall of glitched-out, chopped bagpipe loops and rock drums, while DJ SLAM! assists in the cacophony with the addition of a rowdy sea shantey sing-along for the chorus. O’Brien’s raps project a sense of victory and reflect a man familiar with his strengths re-emerging with a new sense of vigour and purpose. Guest rapper PremRock, a disciple of NYC’s vanguard record label Backwoodz Studios (billy woods, Armand Hammer), delivers his vast collection of words, anecdotes, and recollections in his abstract rap format that has been steadily impressing critics and heads alike.

Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien and Premrock

Produced by Fresh Kils

Cuts by DJ SLAM!

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