Friday, April 1, 2022

Ferge x Fisherman have dropped new studio album 'Duality'

 German Hiphop/Soul duo Ferge x Fisherman have dropped their new studio album 'Duality' today!

Duality is a dual state or quality, and within mathematical systems a symmetry whereby a theorem remains valid if certain objects, relations or operations are interchanged. It also runs as both a feeling and realisation throughout the fourteen tracks included on the new album by Ferge X Fisherman. ‘Duality’ is equal parts rap and jazz, contains electronically produced beats and live instrumentation, and is lyrically reflective yet totally unreserved. 

In regard to its lyrical content, ‘Duality’ is ostensibly a self-portrait of a musician raised in an affluent society and taking his first small steps onto the giant stages of the music industry. From ‘Pace’ to ‘Trust’ to ‘Growth’, the words of its songs address the everyday realities he faces, such as emotional turmoil, his relationships, the contradictions in his own thoughts and actions and his quest for self-worth. By way of contrast, the security and comfort that his privileges bring are reflected musically throughout the album. 

As relaxed, warm and comforting as it sounds, it is deliberately broken up with complex, jazzy interludes, only to return virtually unchanged in the very next moment. 

Making the decision to continue releasing their brand of jazz-rap independently, FXF have retained the freedom to create a well-rounded work of art in ‘Duality’ that breaks with typical conventions. Free of genre clichés, the duo have simply recorded what they want and remained true to their musical vision. Multi-layered lyricism combined with complex compositions have resulted in an album that can be listened to attentively, discovering something new from it with each spin, but that can also run as ambient background. 

The balancing act between electronically produced hip hop and live instrumentation is also wholly successful; the LakeSideBoyz have provided exciting instrumental parts, while the record also features high-profile international guest stars such as Detroit rapper Black Milk, Japanese jazz trumpeter and Blue Note artist Takuya Kuroda, New Zealand soul singer Noah Slee (‘Business’) and South African singer Hunter Rose (‘Home’). 

With its unconventional sound, ‘Duality’ is a unique statement of intent for the German hip hop scene and sets a standard for others to follow.

Duality is out now- 

All physical copies can be ordered here- 

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