Friday, April 1, 2022

sosicktheillest - biometric maps feat. Mando the dj


Check out the new project „ILL INTENT“ of SoSickTheillest (Los Angeles /California). It contains 6 tracks and has a playtime of 19 minutes of pure Hip Hop. On this Album he is cleaning out his closet and let´s hell break loose on some hardcore gritty Boom Bap Beats produced by Thanos Beats (New York). He is speaking about all the dissapointments that indipendent artists have to go through. The energy he has put in each song is saying loud and clear DON´T FUCK WITH ME SON! On the project he gets accompanied by 4 other Hardcorre Mc´s. MATHEW GOLDEN (California), AmOner (California), D.O.V. (Canada) and Mersinary (Canada) add to him just perfect. The VIP guest on this project is Mando The Dj who was already on stage with Wu Tang and AOTP and has made music with artists like Thermanology and Mr. Hyde. He is featured on 3 tracks with his deadly technique on „ILL INTENT“. SoSickTheillest is a indipendent artist in his pure form and has personally executive produced the whole project. You should keep at least one Eye on this Mc from California because this is only the beginning.

If you like to get a taste of the project check out this Video that was shot for the track „biometric maps“:



To listen to the project on Spotify check out the following link:

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  1. I'm happy for you bro

    -irresponsible raps

  2. Yooooooo good looking out man.
    I'm super proud of myself!