Thursday, April 28, 2022

Tongue Twist - Innere Ruhe und Leichte Kost

 New Double Lp is out now !

Tongue Twist

Innere Ruhe und Leichte Kost


Tongue Twist´s new Double LP „Innere Ruhe und Leichte Kost“ is released now!

The Vinyl comes with an artfull designed gatefold cover. Powerfull boombap and melancholic beats meet deep, funny and battle lyrics. 24 Songs with intelligent raps, different flows and poetic rhymeskills for all the Headz out there enjoying 90´s style Hiphop. 

Just stream the album on bandcamp for free, leave some donation for download or order the vinyl, it´s worth it!

Vinyl is a limited edition. Only 100 pieces on Bandcamp available.


Promotrack and making of Cover-Artwork:


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