Saturday, June 18, 2022

Joe Snow ft. Jam Baxter - The Craze

Joe Snow teams up with Jam Baxter to bring us the first single from his album 'Snowden', dropping in September 2022.
'An aggy little chav that's never grown up, my face up in the paper still they say i never blown up..' chants Joe Snow on his latest creation, The Craze featuring UK top-ranking psychedelic wordsmith Jam Baxter. The duo do what they do best, using dark imagery & scallywag punch lines to paint a post apocalyptic picture over production by Snow’s Defenders of Style crew-mate, Jack Danz.
An ode to madness, with abstract visuals to match provided by Tenth Dan, The Craze is out now on the Pang Productions YouTube channel and all streaming platforms.

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