Friday, June 24, 2022

Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott - Awesome Environment


In their slick new video for “Awesome Environment,” Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott embrace the sunny, laidback summer vibes that inspired their collaborative album, River Rats, and provide a guided tour of some of Pittsburgh’s river banks.
What may not look like much to the every-day viewer was a true source of inspiration, meditation, and comfort for the duo, as explained by Moemaw himself. He and C.Scott would meet up during the summer of 2020 for riverside hangs that served as an escape from the harsh realities of the world.
“We were previewing each other’s new music from a Bluetooth speaker, sipping our favorite canned beverages, passing the smoke, and discussing the real-life situations that shaped the lyrical content on River Rats,” Moemaw said. “That’s what makes it an ‘Awesome Environment.’”
It was a bastion of both hope and creativity for the two artists, who found solace on the shores of rivers at a time when the country was consistently on fire. And it serves as a welcome reminder that sometimes, even when it seems counterintuitive, your best bet for sanity is to head outside and enjoy your surroundings. We all have our own awesome environment; it may just take some trial and error for you to find it.
Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred DSP to stream through your preferred platform. The album is also available on cassette in limited quantities via Soul Slime Records’ Bandcamp profile.

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