Friday, June 24, 2022

Ol' Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample - Revenge Vol. 1 Instrumentals


A veteran of the Calgary, AB rap scene, The Dirty Sample is best known as a producer, but he has ventured often into MC territory under various monickers, including Planit, Crash Silverback, Apeface and now Ol’ Gorilla Bones. HIs latest collaboration with himself, as OGB and TDS for Revenge Vol. 1, appropriately dropped on Hand’Solo Records on Friday the 13th in May 2022. The highlight was his vengeful return to rapping, but now it’s the producer’s time to shine with the release of the instrumental version of the album. The production is both dark and ugly, and plenty quirky. The album features the popping and crackling of vinyl that one would expect from a producer calling himself The Dirty Sample, as well as heavy hitting drums, stabs of soul, and creepy vocal samples. This is the territory in which The Dirty Sample excels. 

Produced by The Dirty Sample


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