Thursday, September 29, 2022

Apollo Brown and Philmore Greene drop new single ’Time Goes’ ahead of studio album announced’ Cost of Living'


Never one to rest on laurels, supreme beatmaker and producer Apollo Brown has again set the bar for hiphop production with his new collaboration album with Chicago MC Philmore Greene, “Cost of Living.”

The album represents the complete idea of introspection. “Cost of Living” is relatable, empathetic, grown and needs for nothing.

This is also evident from first single ’Time Goes’, immersed in a reflective narrative covering the subject matter of where things might have been 30 years ago, compared to how much technology has changed everything in the present day.

The new album is grounded, personal and mature.

Alongside Apollo Brown, Philmore Greene shines like few MCs are capable.

Time Goes is out now.

Cost of Living is out via Mello Music Group on Tuesday 15th November-

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