Friday, February 10, 2023

Chadio - Cousin of Lucy

Chadio had a bad breakup. We’ve all been there. And when it’s a long-term relationship that ends in cheating, it can be especially rough. How does one get over it? For Chadio, he channels the anger and grief into song. The result is Cousin of Lucy, a short album of breakup songs that serves as a spiritual successor to his No Wives Club (2021). Here he breaks down the break up, revealing the circumstances of the situation throughout but most of all on first single “Hear Me Out”, gets metaphorical with second single “Sweater Song” featuring Nolto, and gives voice to vengeful thoughts on opening song “Morning Breath Takers” and “At Peace”. But light shines through as Chadio looks forward to moving on with third single and album closer “Wrong Way”. Aside from the frantic, upbeat sound of that final song, the production from Aalo Guha and Pasquale is dark, sombre and often off-kilter. Chadio’s Cousin of Lucy is profoundly personal and also thoroughly universal. 

Written and performed by Chadio

Produced by Aalo Guha and Pasquale


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